Toronto Abstract Expressionist Oil Painter

turned playful and experimental

Ina Puchala, North Bay Abstract Expressionist Art

Toronto artist and painter, Ina Puchala, is transitioning into new forms implementing collage and cutouts to more accurately reflect the contemporary condition.

Puchala’s formative years in Montreal and Sudbury shaped her artistic vocation. A city of longing and a mining town respectively, the two centers were filled with holes; fragmented narratives, both real and imagined, bound in a tension that sought negotiation by way of a creative vision.

After working as a commercial artist for 11 years, Ina sought further validation by attending the Ontario College of Art (nka OCADU). In 1992, she earned an Honours’ A.O.C.A diploma in drawing and painting, along with garnering several awards and scholarships.  From 2001 to 2005, she was a scenic painter for the National Ballet of Canada. Alongside her professional art practice, Ina continues to work as an artist educator and facilitator.

Ina currently lives and works near Toronto, Ontario, Canada.