The Slipping Glimpser

Review of ‘Summer Smoke and Paint’ – Rebecca Gallery, Toronto
Reviewer: Earl Miller,Independent Curator, September 2008

Ina Puchala’s richly layered abstract paintings bear the weight and the depth of an abstracted personal history that plays out on the canvas as a rich pastiche of colour and texture balancing action and stasis on a teetering edge…

Black Dog Solo Exhibition

Ina Puchala and the Rapture of Pigment

Review of “BLACK DOG” Solo Exhibition – Rebecca Gallery, Toronto
Reviewer: Gary Michael Dault
Toronto, September 12, 2006

Ina Puchala and I share this: we are both clearly and probably hopelessly in thrall to the wonders of paint, to the chemistry (and the alchemistry) of it, to its strange, messy palpability, its recalcitrant thereness. And to its mysterious ability to be expressive, eloquent, its ability to utter….