July 16 – Sept 13 “Seeing with Eyes Closed”

Abstract ArtMy morning ride along the waterfront is always a shot of energy for starting the day.  It was fresh and beautiful.  A brilliant blue sky holds the promise of the same all day.  I’m invigorated and excited about the upcoming show at the Art Gallery of Mississauga, ‘Seeing with Closed Eyes’: Five Abstract Painters, July 16, 6pm to Sept 13, 2009.   The gallery is picking up the pieces in a few days. The works stand at attention in the studio waiting for their ride to the west end. New framing on the drawings make them look like they’re dressed for an elegant party.  The abstracts seem to say, I’m ready to talk to a new crowd.  Bring them on. Prepping the studio to start a new series of pieces. The mind and body are getting ready, too.

1 thought on “July 16 – Sept 13 “Seeing with Eyes Closed””

  1. Please forgive this intrusion, but I accidently came across your web site last evening and would just like to congratulate you on your work. Each piece is like a poem…beautiful!

    I wish I could see them in real life but impossible I’m afraid, as I live a long way away.
    Good luck to you

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