Ina Puchala

The Artist Project

The Artist Project

The Artist Project, March 5-7, at Exhibition Place in Toronto, Ontario is an art show featuring emerging artists from various disciplines. While some of the featured art work is “standard fare”, there were some interesting pieces of sculpture and painting that pushed the artistic margins.

Fool’s Paradise

The fool has resurfaced; a mischievous character who taxes me greatly but never fails to expose a reality stripped of all illusion. Concurrent to a cycle of brilliant mistakes, I was revisiting the acrylic medium. Seeking respite from the impasto of oil, I wanted something liquid and transparent, something immediate – a lightness of being. A switch …

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Toronto 2009, at the Metro Toronto Convention Center, proved once again to reveal some exquisite gems. I was spellbound with the multi media works of Lois Andison. Camouflage 1, 1998, is a dressmaker’s form draped in a delicate dress of Queen Anne’s lace topped with a bellow like mechanical headpiece that beckons with it’s silent, rhythmic breathe. Heartbreaking 91, 2009, too, two works on all the words that can be created out of the one word, was mesmerizing. Now a month following the fair, her work continues to echo.

Satisfying the Muse

Looking for ways in which to attend to the muse; perhaps a film by Werner Herzog, or music by Roy Orbison, or simply some time with my beloved. I don’t know which will inspire me to break some boundaries and discover something unforseen in the creative process.

Work’s End

The waning of summer: my desire to desperately hold on to the adventures of the day; to push back with childhood insistence the end of day; to deny sleep. September is a disciplinarian and I’m not yet ready. I want to dream. Oh, to lie back and wander in the vastness of the night sky at Charleston Lake.