Loosely Art

Back to my Cave…Soon

Alas, on the horizon space and time are aligning themselves to open up a welcome withdrawal into my beloved studio. Although it’s a humble space, it is home to countless visual incubations…

Goings On

The past couple of months have been a flurry of activity and opportunity. I was fortunate enough to view several worthwhile art exhibitions in both Toronto and Ottawa…

Liquid Thought | Oil Painting

What’s going on in my mind when I am engaged in painting? As an artist, I concurrently think about the technicalities – that’s the front-end; the marriage of paint and canvas. But the back-end is a cacophony of feelings, thoughts and ramblings…

A Toy

Zeal overtook me. Held tightly in the palm of my hand was a brilliant orange, wooden top. Oblivious to the people browsing in the little shop, I crouched down upon my haunches and spun the top. It wobbled and then straightened into a still like spin, a marvel of tension and balance.

Witch On Fire

Cauldron boil and cauldron bubble.
Bits of flesh, shards of crimson
and a relentless ideology
Time, space and ambiguities co mingle.
Building a fire of things known and unknown.

Ah hah, the studio is in transition.
I wrung dry the acrylic.
Bring out the oils – Queen of alchemy!


I have encountered an artist fascinated with Ping. Tap the end of a metal rod upon a concrete floor and you hear, a Ping! The sound is held, somewhere in mid air, ‘where time and space are epitomized’.

The theme of self betrayal inspires a colleague to negotiate it through dance.

Figurative collages by Wangechi Mutu, currently on show at the Art Gallery of Ontario, are distinctive in style. Her work is provocative; seduction and disturbance are at play; the final image is powerful. A mother protectively draws her young son’s gaze away from the encased collages – something caught his curiosity – a familiarity perhaps, disturbingly incomprehensible to a child’s mind.

Uncertain as to how these seemingly disparate short term events will act upon my mind and my heart.

Fool’s Paradise

The fool has resurfaced; a mischievous character who taxes me greatly but never fails to expose a reality stripped of all illusion. Concurrent to a cycle of brilliant mistakes, I was revisiting the acrylic medium. Seeking respite from the impasto of oil, I wanted something liquid and transparent, something immediate – a lightness of being. A switch …

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