Summer| Art| Economics

How can the economic market not affect the artist?
Last to feel the upswing and first to feel the fall.
Golly, I have to impose some austerity measures of my own.

Some work got made.
Other work failed to resolve and I razed the surface, yet again.
Got stuck.

A gripping read: Michal Glowinski’s ‘The Black Seasons’
and ‘his motif of the liminal space between memory and forgetting’
…I am gluing and building cradles

Drawing lines in graphite.
and sometimes I paint. And I fret.
Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy sounds real¬†fine right now.



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  1. I can almost touch your emotions in this post. Thank you for sharing so transparently. We are living in tumultuous economic times. May the upswing come soon and sweep artists up with it. We need you.

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